Salem MA's town hall and plaza
February 23, 2024

Things to Do on the North Shore of Massachusetts

Are you thinking about moving to Newbury, MA? Newbury, conveniently located in the North Shore region of Massachusetts, is a coastal paradise with easy access to the metropolitan hub of Boston. Nestled on Massachusetts Bay, this region has endless entertainment opportunities, from lazy beach days to exciting nights in the city. Discover everything North Shore has to offer with Stor-U-Self!

Living on the North Shore of MA

Anywhere in Massachusetts is a great place to either settle down and start a family or check out real estate prospects; however, North Shore, MA is a prime location due to its access to the ocean and Boston. The villages of the North Shore may seem like sleepy summer towns, but they are flourishing all year round. You will be sure to find various activities to enjoy during your free time on the North Shore area all four seasons. What’s even better about Newbury and the surrounding area is its accessibility to Boston, allowing for an easy commute.

Population: 426,943

The Best of New England’s Coastal Charm

When we think of the Massachusetts coastline, we typically think of Cape Cod and the Islands. North Shore, MA offers its unique charm and is also very diverse, making it a completely different experience from Cape Cod living. This region starts from Saugus, MA, and ends in Salisbury, MA on the border of New Hampshire. On this trip up 70 miles of coastline, you will discover day-trip fishing villages, explore vast marshlands, and even find some spooky weekend getaways!

Salem, MA

This North Shore city is also known as “The Witch City.” This city is where the infamous Witch Trials occurred in the 1600s. This small town is the setting of countless books and movies, experience the real thing on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

  • The Witch House at Salem: The home of the infamous Jonathan Corwin, the judge during the Salem Witch Trials. In the 1600s, Corwin resided here until his death. Crowin ultimately sent 19 people to their deaths in the 1690s for accusations of witchcraft. Those sent to the gallows were brought to Corwin’s house for close “examinations” (Salem Witch Museum) Being one of the only buildings in Salem that has a direct connection to the historical trials and is a must-see for anyone interested in the paranormal paranoia of our country’s past.
  • The House of the Seven Gables: If you are a fan of gothic literature or Nathaniel Hawthorne this is a must-see. This home, once owned

    by Hawthorne’s cousin, is now a museum open for the public to see! (House of the Seven Gables). Experience the wonders of this National Historic Landmark! Take a tour for $25 or enjoy the grounds at your own pace for $12 at peak season and $6 during the off season.

  • Peabody Essex Museum: Enjoy the fine arts in the heart of the Witch City. After exploring Massachusetts Bay Colony’s spooky past, enjoy what modern-day Salem has to offer. This museum has a plethora of contemporary and fine art available for viewing. The Tin Yu Tang House is another popular attraction at the Peabody Essex Museum. The Qing Dynasty house was a gift from residents of the Anhui Province. It is the only one of its kind in North America. The museum is free for children under 16, EBT card holders, Salem residents, military, and members (Peabody Essex Museum).
  • Pioneer Village: Take a trip to the 1630s at the U.S.’s oldest living museum. This museum captures the early history of British Colonists in early Colonial Massachusetts, as well as the prolific and rich history of the Masachusett nation and other Algonquian indigenous groups. The museum showcased 1630s thatched roof homes and wigwams. What’s even more fun about this museum are its various film locations from the 90’s hit Halloween movie, “Hocus Pocus” (Entertainment Weekly).

Plum Island

Plum Island is known for its beach plum bushes, which is how it earned its namesake. These 11 miles of island have magnificent purple sands at hightide (Flickr). The island is available for lazy days on the beach or outdoor adventures. Here on Plum Island, you will be sure to be transported another world of adventure!

  • Bob Lobster: This casual seaside lobster shack opened in 2001 and proudly serves Plum Island locals and visitors every spring to early fall ever since. Get seafood platters for everyone in the group to enjoy! The fresh catches will satisfy the palate of any traveler after a long adventure or a quick trip to the beach! Better yet, it is family owned.
  • Parker River Natural Wildlife Refuge: Their enormous Wildlife Refuge is part of both Newbury and Plum Island, MA. Some notable trails on Plum Island are the Hellcat Interpretive Trail and the Pines Trail. These trails are easily accessible with boardwalks, unpaved and paved roadways, and natural trails. People of all ages and hiking levels can visit Parker River Natural Wildlife Refuge. There are many other activities besides hiking. At the nature preserve you can hunt, fish, row, bike, and even attend environmental classes!
  • Plum Island Lighthouse: Also known as the Newburyport Harbor Light, built in 1788, still uses its original Fresnel lens, one of the last 5 in the state of Massachusetts. The lighthouse is 44ft tall, and its lens can reach up to 12 miles. It’s an attraction you can’t miss!

Cape Ann

Cape Ann, comprised of the four towns Essex, Rockport, Gloucester, and Manchester-By-The-Sea, provides visitors and residents alike with picturesque views and various nautical activities. People from all over the world come to Cape Ann for its unique atmosphere ad quaintness. Living on the North Shore you can have this unique destination right down the road from your house and enjoy the area all year round.

  • Hammond Castle Museum, Gloucester: This museum will leave you wondering if you’re in Gloucester or if you teleported to 19th-century Europe. This castle serves as a resting place for a private European artifacts collection. Hammond Castle is a common destination for weddings, photo shoots, and other various events. The castle serves the best views of the Cape Ann waterfront and countless curiosities to marvel at.
  • Singing Beach, Manchester-By-The-Sea: This beach is most famous for the mysterious noise that emerges when the wind crosses the dry sand. This beach is only ½ a mile from the Boston Commuter rail stop, “Manchester” making it easily accessible for all to enjoy. Manchester-By-The-Sea is now a famous tourist destination because a movie of the same name debuted in 2016.

  • The Mill, Essex: This casual eatery served breakfast, lunch, as well as prepared foods. Its atmosphere will make you feel right at home along with all the comfort food! Whether you’re looking for a sit-down meal or a quick bite to-go, you surely will find something that becomes your new favorite dish.
  • Shalin Liu Performance Center, Rockport: Named after the local philanthropist, Shalin Liu, this performing arts center opened in 2010. They host many cultural events such as comedy shows, concerts of varying genres, film screenings, theatre productions, and more. This performing arts center has high cathedral ceilings and a window behind the stage looking directly at the water, giving this theater an ethereal environment.

Newbury and Newburyport

You chose the right place to relocate! Enveloped by beautiful nature and ample coastline, these two Essex County towns are the perfect place to settle in.

  • Maudslay State Park: This state park offers more than just pines and meadows. It also offers countless educational opportunities, biking, hiking, and horseback riding. Maudslay State Park also has views of the Merrimack River, making this a perfect place to go birding.
  • Tendercrop Farms: Shop fresh produce that is locally grown. These farmers are working hard to reduce their carbon footprint by serving their communities locally and reducing their use of fossil fuels. Another unique feature about this farm is that they have their free-range poultry and meats. This is the ultimate spot to go grocery shopping in the Newbury are.
  • MetroRock: Calling all climbers, both indoor and outdoor! This rock-climbing gym offers a fun way to exercise for people of all ages to enjoy. Indoor rock climbing allows for unique workout solutions all year round. Beat the New England cold and still get your climbing in at MetroRock.

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